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The Happiness Mama Podcast is about mindful mamas consciously creating our happiest lives. My goal is to inspire, encourage, and help other mothers take practical steps to create the lives they want to live. All mamas deserve happiness! You can go from striving to thriving!
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Nov 30, 2015

Highlights of Our Conversation:

  • Favorite children’s books and authors
  • How she got into writing when her son was a year old
  • What exactly is flash fiction?
  • Her inspiration to start her podcast
  • Her experiences with NaNoWriMo
  • The great thing about being the editor of your own podcast
  • Her Christmas serial in December, a fanciful trip to the North Pole at Christmas
  • How and why she podcasts while having a toddler
  • Keeps her energy up for the things she has to do
  • “Writing time” for our kids
  • Starting out part time…
  • “You kind of wake up one morning and realize you’re running out of somedays, and if you’re gonna do this, you might as well start now.”
  • Ira Glass on creativity…
  • Doing the work to get better
  • Permission to suck, practicing for the time we won’t suck
  • What a Native American basket weaver told her that she’s never forgotten
  • The value of “productive struggle” and why it’s good to make mistakes
  • How are culture is hard on moms
  • Starting a blog or podcast when others don’t totally get it
  • “You can’t get discouraged by the numbers… If it’s not worth it to you to do for you, then it’s not gonna be worth it because you’re not going to get a huge audience and you’re not gonna get all that right away.”
  • What drew her to podcasts and why she became even more into them when her baby was little
  • How we listen to podcasts
  • The surprising criteria she uses to judge other podcasts
  • Too many podcasts, too little time…
  • Her main goal in podcasting
  • New show idea! Women Belong in Baseball
  • Three great pieces of advice for other moms: find your village, trust your instincts, & find moments of joy and creativity in the mundane
  • The hardest part of the SAHM gig
  • Embracing the “verb” of homemaking

Quotes from This Episode by Kris Baker Dersch:

  • “You will fit in what you make a priority.”
  • “Stop listening to the negative.”
  • “There’s something to be said for just doing it.”
  • “It’s nice to not know everything; it’s nice to learn by doing.”
  • “Just do a paragraph. Just do a page.”
  • “Some days, some months, it just doesn’t happen.”

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